Dr. Jena's Office Phone Line: (919) 643-2273

Dr. Jena Friedel, DC

"Dr. Jena always takes the time to understand what’s happening with my problem area and I can always fit into her schedule if I have an emergency."

"Love Dr. Jena, she always makes me feel comfortable and ok to ask questions.  I’m glad to have an ally with my body’s health and strength."

"Dr. Jena is very professional and has been able to help my back problems with her adjustments.  If she feels I need further medical treatment she will advise you.  She does not try to go beyond her chiropractic abilities."

"I had a former chiropractor but seemed to have to go more often.  Dr. Jena’s technique may be better suited for me.  I am not in pain like I was before."

"We continue to recommend Dr. Jena to students at our martial arts school.  She has a great personality, is skillful, her fees are affordable and it has been very easy to get appointments.  We think she is a great addition to Hillsborough."

"This is my second practice [chiropractic], I would really miss her caring for me should she leave.  I had so much structural changes when I came here that my muscles were sliding all over the place, pulling bones with them, along would come the severe pain.  She helped put the bone back together.  As a patient I did my part to learn about my body and do what I could to make it better.  I LOVE A Step To Health for helping me have a LIFE."