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(919) 590-5769

Denise DeForest Pastoor

My Mantra: “Do What you Love, Love What you Do.”  My love is empowering self-healing through integrative health modalities. I am a “Holistic Muse”, igniting personal transformation through contemplative practices~ mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathwork, & energy therapies.

My Message: Live authentically in the present, pay attention to body wisdom, sense your subtle energy, find stillness, practice self-compassion, follow your heart, and shift from DOING to BEING.

My Bio: As a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist and holistic wellness educator for over 35 years, I embrace deep listening, compassionate care, and inquisitive guidance to support healing from life’s challenges. I blend integrative psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioral, family systems, person-centered therapies) with mind-body medicine.  As a neuroscience nerd, yoga teacher, and Healing Touch instructor, my teachings balance ancient healing traditions with conventional medicine.

My Fav: I founded Ebb & Flow™, blending yoga, sensory movement, energy healing, and somatic awareness to deepen mind-body-spirit connections.  A body-based approach to health-ideal for anxiety, trauma, and chronic issues. Our bodies whisper, so let’s listen.

My Business:  SunStone Wellness, LLC spreads my passions through keynotes and speaking at national conferences, leading groups, facilitating retreats, and in private practice. With a deep commitment to cultivate wholeness, I bubble over in enthusiasm and dig in deeply to support your journey to heal.

Who I Help:  Whether 8 or 80 years old, I love working with people seeking to find holistic self-care tools to create more balance, peace, and joy in their life.  If you seek to overcome anxiety, worry, pain, grief, trauma, depression, fatigue, sleep struggles OR feel stressed, stuck or overwhelmed, I’m here to help!

My Interests:  I love hiking or kayaking with family and our dog, cuddling our grandson, dancing, plotting quirky adventures with friends, wallowing in nature, painting cast off furniture, serving on Red Cross Disaster Team, and enjoying the sunset.


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