Dr. Jena's Office Phone Line: (919) 643-2273

Dr. Jena Friedel, DC
Fees, Insurance and Work Schedule

New Patients: $90.00 / Seniors, 65+: $72.00
* First visit usually lasts 45 minutes

Existing Patients: $60.00
/ Seniors, 65+: $42.00
* Appointments usually last 15-30 minutes

Dr. Jena has a cash-based practice and payment is required upfront. She accepts all insurances as an out-of-network provider. Her office is happy to check into your insurance to determine your out-of-network chiropractic benefits, and file insurance claims if benefits are available. In many instances, her fees are less than your in-network insurance copay to visit a chiropractor. Dr. Jena does accept Medicare patients and bills as a non-participating provider, which simply means that the patient pays upfront and the patient will receive the insurance reimbursement from Medicare rather than her office receiving it.

Dr. Jena's hours are flexible, varying from early mornings to late evenings and includes occasional Saturdays. Please call the office and speak with Melinda, the office assistant, for further information and to schedule your appointment.